Using Zend_Form without Zend Framework MVC

Most components of Zend Framework can be used without using the entire framework and Zend_Form is no exception. It’s a versatile component that can be customized to great extent. The payoff is that seemingly easy tasks can seem quite complex to complete and involve concepts like Decorators and View Helpers. Complexity is increased by the fact that most tasks can be achieved in multiple ways. Forms in general are elements where a lot of parts of an application ‘meet’: Frontend code (HTML/CSS), behavior (JS) and backend processing (validation, filtering and storage).…

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PHPBenelux meeting at Freshheads

Yesterday (sept. 29th) I went to the Freshheads office in Tilburg to attend the monthly PHPBenelux meeting. As it appeared it was right around the corner of the 013 venue so it was an easy find. Two talks were scheduled and Stefan Koopmanschap kicked off the meeting with a presentation titled “Integrating Symfony and Zend Framework” (slides). After a short introduction pointing out the benefits of using any framework at all, Stefan showed how both Symfony’s and Zend Framework’s autoloaders can be initialized in the application’s bootstrap code.…

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Zend_Test, Zend_Layout and the need to reset

In a recent Zend Framework project I’ve used Zend_Test to test the functioning of the website ‘as a whole’. So besides testing the separate (authorization) components, the website was tested in the same way a visitor would use it. This is especially useful for testing login scenarios, so I added the test below:

public function testLogoutShouldDenyAccess()

         // verify that profile page now doesn't contain login form
    $this->assertQueryCount('form#login', 0);

        // dispatch logout page

        // verify that profile now holds login form
    $this->assertQueryCount('form#login', 1);

This failed on the last assertQueryCount() which left me puzzled. Performing above steps manually seemed to work fine so I was overlooking something either in my app-code or the test-code.

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Zend_Config strategies

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