The developer

I’m a developer working at Sanoma Technology, having the role of lead developer of the web team of NU.nl, the largest news site in the Netherlands. I do API design, Python, DevOps, AWS, Javascript, PHP, Ansible and quite some other buzzwords.

I studied Industrial Design Engineering so I’m comfortable with talking about UI and UX and care about pixels also.

In my opinion one of the hardest challenges in IT, besides obviously naming things and cache invalidation, is coming up with solutions that make complex problems look simple instead of the other way around.

The guy

I play tennis. I love to hangout with my girlfriend and little daughter. I’m a cat person (not neccessarily hating dogs). Furthermore I like the caffeinating effect of loud music, when coding or otherwise (As a tribute, the color scheme of this site is based on the cover of one of my favorite albums of the past decade)