PHPBenelux meeting at Freshheads

Yesterday (sept. 29th) I went to the Freshheads office in Tilburg to attend the monthly PHPBenelux meeting. As it appeared it was right around the corner of the 013 venue so it was an easy find.

Two talks were scheduled and Stefan Koopmanschap kicked off the meeting with a presentation titled “Integrating Symfony and Zend Framework” (slides). After a short introduction pointing out the benefits of using any framework at all, Stefan showed how both Symfony’s and Zend Framework’s autoloaders can be initialized in the application’s bootstrap code. After that using ZF components in symfony was showcased by using Zend_Service_Twitter inside a Symfony project. Being quite familiar with Zend Framework that was not really surprising (to me) but the part following was: Integrating Symfony into a Zend Framework project. First of all it was new to me that there are “Symfony Components“. Apparently Symfony is not an all-or-nothing affair anymore. Most of the components were briefly covered of which I especially found the Event Dispatcher highly interesting.

After a brief pause, Juliette Reinders Folmer hosted the big “Why Equal Doesn’t Equal Quiz”. 65 Questings testing the knowledge of the attendees about the type conversions going on when writing code like:

$a = null;
if (empty($a)) echo 'empty';

foreach(array('test','0','etc...') as $val) {
    if ($val) echo 'has value';

Questions like the ones above where the easy ones… Especially interesting where the ctype family of functions. They are especially usefull for checking database result or GPC data. Although I had seen the ctype functions before I kind of forgot about them so especially there I had wrong answers. Score: 45 out of 65.

The evening concluded with some informal chatting and some beers generously provided by Freshheads. As usual I went home with some new things on my ‘got to check that out’ list…