DPC 2011 preview

The yearly dutch PHP event is getting close so time to check out the schedule. Once again there are lots of interesting sessions to choose from so I probably will miss some of the good stuff. Mixing ‘simply interesting’ and ‘directly usable in day-to-day job’ results in the preliminary list:

Day 1

Day 2

  • Pofiling, OAuth, new era of PHP Frameworks – All interesting, to be decided
  • Managing a shared MySQL farm – Because I expect to hear more new things than at the Zend Framework optimization talk
  • Agility and Quality, Modular application architecture and Character sets that suck (they do!) – Tough one once again. I think Agility and Quality
  • Practical Git – I think, because there’s a lot to learn there, although Zend Framework i18n looks interesting too
  • Keynote: Open Teams – Will probably be insightful as well as enjoyable

Now I only need to print the ticket, bookmark this page on my iPhone and I’m off to go. Till friday!