Engineering World 2009

Past saturday (february 7th) I visited Engineering World, a conference organised by Sogeti, as both attendant and speaker. With my colleague Richard de Vries I delivered a presentation on the topic usability. I attended some interesing presentations of which two were about methodologies: One about SCRUM and the closing keynote by Ian Spence of Ivar Jacobsen International about Agile. The latter with all of the myths about Agile (Doesn’t matter where the team is going, as long as it’s going somewhere) being tackled in true Mythbuster fashion. Another (and totally different) presentation was about ‘augmented reality’ and was delivered by Touching Media. Picture yourself (in your younger years) in a Lego store, holding a box in front of a camera, and seeing yourself on screen with a 3D representation of the Lego model coming out of the box. Nice.